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Fractora: A Novel Method for Deep Radio-Frequency Fractional Resurfacing and Total Skin Rejuvenation

Treatment / Technology

Carbon Dioxide laser skin resurfacing (LSR) gained great popularity in the 1990’s because of impressive results seen with skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, improving skin texture and tone after a single treatment session. [1,2] One of the unique features of CO2 laser resurfacing is that it creates almost equal ablation, coagulation and residual sub-necrotic 50-100 micron thermal zones in the skin. [3] The main disadvantages of the procedure were relatively long downtimes with surface discharge followed by prolonged erythema and then long-term risks of hypopigmentation resulting from a poor reservoir of epidermal cells and melanocytes after deep skin ablation.

One of the significant advances in laser skin rejuvenation was the introduction of ablative fractional skin resurfacing [4-6], where small areas of skin, with depths in the range of 100-800 microns were treated with in a fractional fashion, leaving a proportion of the skin intact around the ablative thermal column, keeping this undamaged skin around for fast skin healing after the fractional ablative laser treatment. Over several years and multiple different lasers and wavelengths, the majority of laser manufactures have focused on Fractional CO2 resurfacing [7-8], either as a single aggressive treatment or in several more mild sessions, providing dramatic improvement in skin dyschromia, texture, wrinkles and acne scars, with relatively short downtime and a low rate of side effects that can be minimized by correct patient selection.

An alternative ablative technology is radio-frequency (RF) fractional skin resurfacing [8], which in published studies promotes more superficial ablation and is more focused on non-coagulative dermal residual heat. This relatively comfortable treatment demonstrates some level of improvement over a multiple treatment program. We believe that RF technology need not be limited by this superficial dermal heating.

The current study demonstrates the results with a new fractional RF ablative rejuvenation technology providing a complete single treatment solution for aging patients.


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